Tachelhit course directory

Welcome to my Tachelhit course for beginners! It’s an amateur effort as I’m still learning myself. But I work really hard on these. I hope you find them helpful, and I also hope you check out the other resources I’ll list at the bottom.

If you’re nervous about learning a non-Indo-European language, I think you’ll find Tachelhit is much easier than you expect.

Tachelhit language introduction

Lesson 1: Greetings and Personal Indicators

Lesson 2: Introductions and Possession

Lesson 3: ‘To be’

Lesson 4: Noun states and asking directions

Lesson 5: Noun genders

Lesson 6: This and that

Lesson 7: Possessives

Lesson 8: To like

Scenario 1: Transportation

Berber Riddles

List of external resources