Berber language resources

This isn’t a complete list of all the resources out there, but these are the ones which I consider worth my time. The list is biased toward Tachelhit because that’s what I’m interested in, not because it has more resources than the other dialects.

Tachelhit (southern dialect, has greatest number of speakers)

  1. There’s the course I’ve been creating which isn’t perfect but it’s a good place to start

2. Initiation Tachelhit by Abdallah el Mountassir (Français(Courtesy of

The audio for the Mountassir textbook is available here (work in progress)

3. Dictionary of Tachelhit verbs compiled by el Mountassir

4. The Wikipedia page on Tachelhit is actually awesome, a must-read.

5. Peace corps Tachelhit textbook (courtesy Friends of Morocco) Check back later, I have the audio for this too

6. Old Peace Corps Tachelhit textbook

7. Tachelhit – English dictionary (Peace Corps)

8. EasyLanguageLearning on Youtube This guy’s channel is fantastic; he mostly does Darija, but the Tachelhit videos he makes are very helpful.

9. Tachelhit PC technical booklet (This seems to be the dialect of the Central High Atlas, less useful if you’re trying to learn the dialect of the Souss)

10. Tachelhit health booklet (I’m not sure what dialect this is)

11. Wikimazigh Tachelhit course (Français)

12.  I suspect this is a more generic dialect, and the spelling is non-standard, but the site is a good effort.

13. There are millions of Tachelhit films on Youtube

14. Film of Jesus’s life in Tachelhit (watch this side-by-side with the English version, also on YT, so you can have English subtitles with Tachelhit audio)

15. Supplemental dictionary for finding vocab words (signup required)


Tamazight (High and Central Atlas)

  1. Peace Corps textbook

2. A Grammar of Amazigh

3. Old Peace Corps textbook

4. Tamazight – English dictionary

5. This youtube channel, good for pronunciation practice

6. This weird website

Tamazight (IRCAM’s made-up “standard” dialect, which gives me the creeps and I don’t feel comfortable disseminating, but is good to be aware of)

  1. Vocabulary and Grammar (Français)

2. IRCAM Institute website (or a Geocities parody, I can’t tell)

3. Their list of state-approved publications

4. A textbook produced by IRCAM which uses Tifinagh characters, therefore I am including it only as a joke


Tarifit is very well studied, and there is a wealth of resources if you do simple searches. To start with, I did find this very helpful series of videos, however.

University of Leiden course on Youtube

Other links

Extensive list of Berber-language publications, all dialects including Kabyle and Touareg

This website  is mostly focused on Algerian berbers, but nonetheless it’s a fantastic resource with lots of books for free download

Grammaire berbere by Michel Quitout (all dialects)

Lots of resources listed here, you can trawl through and see if you find anything useful

If you search around on Google Books you can find several grainy scans of Berber-language textbooks written pre-1950, but I don’t think they’re much use compared to the textbooks by Mountassir and the Peace Corps.


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