Tachelhit lesson 7: Possessives

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We’ve already learned how to indicate possession using suffixes. Remember how easy these were?

-inu – my

-nk – your (m)

-nm – your (f)

-ns – his/her

-nغ/-ngh – ours

-nsn – their (m)

-nsnt – their (f)

-nun – your (pl. m)

-nunt – your (pl. f)

Another way to express possession is with the words win (m) and tin (f) which, as in French, must agree with the gender of the noun.


winu – mine

wink – yours (m)

winm – yours (f)

wins – his/hers

winغ/-wingh – ours

winnun – yours (pl. m)

winnunt – yours (pl. f)

winsn – theirs (m)

winsnt – theirs (f)

For feminine nouns, the above words are exactly the same, simply replacing with t. 

Examples: (See previous lesson to learn words for ‘this, that, these, those’)

 ghwad iga l-ktabinu  – this is my book

ghwad iga winu – this is mine

ghwid gan iDuDaninu – these are my fingers

ghwid gan winu – these are mine

win mit a yga ghwad? – whose is this? (m)

ghwad iga wingh – this is ours

tin mit a tga xttad?  whose is this? (f)

xttad tga tinsnt – this is theirs (f)


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