Tachelhit lesson 6: This and That

These lessons have been getting a huge amount of traffic, and it’s awesome that so many people want to learn Tachelhit, but makes me feel bad that I’ve been updating so infrequently. A big obstacle for me is not knowing in which direction to take these lessons, so I’d really appreciate if you left a comment with feedback. What do you like about these posts, what do you dislike, what do you want to learn next? Are you learning this language for academic or for tourism purposes? Is my transliteration sloppy? Do you want more cat pictures?

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Here’s a short lesson on how to say this, that, these, and those, otherwise known as demonstratives. The major difference with English is that in Tachelhit, we need to think of whether we’re using these words as an adjective or a pronoun:

Used as demonstrative adjectives: this car, that cat, these things

Used as demonstrative pronouns: I want that, what are thosethis car is John’s

In Tachelhit we use a separate word for a demonstrative pronoun, and we use a suffix for demonstrative adjectives. Just keep reading and you’ll understand.

Demonstrative pronouns:

ghwad – this (m)

ghwan – that (m)

ghwid – these (m)

ghwin – those (m)

xttad – this (f)

xttan – that (f)

xttid – these (f)

xttin – those (f)

Yes, memorizing these will make you want to cry. Here’s a hint: the letter i is drawn with two parts, and it refers to two or more things. ghwad = this one, ghwid = these ones

I’ll link to my Quizlet flashcards at the bottom of this page.

Demonstrative adjectives:

-ad – this

-an – that

agharas-ad this road

agharas-an that road

igharasn-ad these roads

igharasn-an those roads

To facilitate pronunciation, add a sound to nouns that end in vowels:

baTaTa-yad – these potatoes

tasga-yad this side

tasga-yan the other side

gh-id here

gh-in there


  1. Fill in the blank with the proper suffix.

Example: This book (m) – lktab___         = lktab-ad

This cat (m) – amush___

That cat (m) – amush___

This house (f) – tigmmi___

That house (f) – tigmmi___

Those men – irgazn___

These women – tifrxin___

2. Finish translating these sentences using the right demonstrative pronouns.

Example: I want that one (m) – righ _______       = righ ghwan

I want that one (f) – righ _______

Hmad wants this one (m) – ira Hmad _______

What’s this? (f) – ma tga _______?

Those (m) are ours – _______ gan wingh

Those (f) are delicious – _______ tmmim


Link to Quizlet flashcards

Next lesson: Possessives >>




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