On Hiking in Morocco


In a nutshell, the Atlas Mountains awesome because of their dense population. Think that’s a drawback when you’re searching for true wilderness? I’ll tell you why this makes them so great for solo trekking.



Get into an accident? You can yell for help before you hack off any limbs.




SAM_3087Get lost? Every Moroccan is an amateur guide. This is the one service I always insist the person accept money for — anything between 10 and 50 dirham depending on how much of their valuable time they give you.



R1-05034-019ARun out of water? Any local will be happy to send their kids to fill your bottles, and brew you a hydrating pot of tea while you wait. Sterilize the water unless you saw it come out of a spring or spigot. Many remote houses simply rely on wells which I don’t trust. I’ve drunk straight tap water in villages and had no problems, however.

One downside to finding villages everywhere is that it’s less safe to drink from streams, especially since Moroccans aren’t too fussy about what they dispose of in and around running water.


IMG_0844Run out of food? Don’t rely on finding shops in smaller villages, but you can always buy the basics — eggs, laban (fermented milk), and homemade bread from anybody.




SAM_3075Lonely? Learn a bit of French and be lonely no more. It’s unusual to go a day without passing through a village, and downright rude to breeze through without speaking to anyone.






Need a place to stay? All doors are open to you. In areas frequented by tourists (e.g. around Toubkal) you might be expected to pay a little something, but in the vast majority of Berber homes you can rely on finding a free bed if you need one. I no longer bring a tent to Morocco.



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